Taner Edis

Research Projects

I’m looking for students to work with me on a number of projects I’m either already pursuing or will begin to work on if a student expresses interest. They generally involve:

  • Lots of math. If you have had Math-Phys (PHYS 382), that’s all the background I need. You’ll end up learning more.
  • Computer programming: simulations and visualizations. To do this, you should already know how to program. You may end up learning a new language.
  • Philosophical thinking and historical argumentation. I have an interest in the history and philosophy of science and pseudoscience, and I can come up with projects for interested students

Generally, I want students who are curious about the specific questions we study—the fun here is in wondering about something and trying to get some real answers. But amidst all the cool stuff, physics is hard work, and sometimes tedious work. So I also want my students to appreciate that I may have to teach them a lot of pedestrian, basic skills before they can begin to seriously play around with my research.

In physics, my current focus is a computational project. It involves trying to build an extremely simplified one-dimensional world where we can study entropy and time-reversal under various rules for dynamics of particles and the expansion or contraction of space.

If you have an idea of your own, and you think it might fit in well with my interests and expertise, don’t hesitate to come talk to me and propose it.

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