Taner Edis

Balls of Crystal

by Tamerlane A. Edvardssonn

In Blacks in Science, the Afrocentrists Hunter Adams and Ivan Van Sertima say that the Dogon and the ancient Egyptians were aware of Sirius B, the companion to Sirius that is normally invisible. Among their evidence is this: “The Russians have recently discovered a crystal lens, perfectly spherical and of great precision, used in ancient Egypt. It is a short and simple step to place one lens in front of the other to make a basic telescope, and the chances are that it could have happened many times.”

Here, obviously influenced by an inadequate background in physics, Adams and Sertima make an error. As skeptics will quickly point out, spherical crystals of a homogeneous material are not the best for telescopes. This is true, but by this error, and an oversight about the true function of the crystal balls, Afrocentrists miss an opportunity to reach out to our closed Western materialistic minds which cannot appreciate the spiritual technology of the Egyptians. As it happens, these crystals were attuned to the frequencies of the minds of the users, so that their internal structure adjusted to provide appropriate gradients in the refraction index. The resulting adaptive lens was much better in quality than all lenses we could achieve until recently. Even a single ball could have been used as a telescope by an appropriately trained mind.

Focusing on optical properties miss even more remarkable aspects of the crystal balls of the Egyptians. These could be attuned to psychic frequencies of the universal quantum field as well, through a solitonic transform. This meant that the higher orders of Hierophants could use these balls to gaze at locations all around space with no distance or optical contact restrictions. Furthermore, in secret Hermetic documents from the archives of Dr. Schaffmann, we can discover that the psi-amplificatory powers of these crystal balls were virtually limitless in principle. These ancient documents suggest that the Ultimate order of the priests of Ptah were able to scry into the past and future with little more difficulty than that involved in moderns using a telescope.

With the temporary withdrawal of the Masters from this plane of existence, these crystal balls and their secret was largely lost. Where Hermetic Wisdom was dimly remembered, the crystal balls also passed into legend. The stories we have of gazing into crytal balls, originating in medieval times, are but a debased survival from a great Art. Seekers after ancient wisdom, particularly some wise men deviating from the conventional track of alchemical understanding, investigated crystal balls, but their technology and knowledge were insufficient to obtain the highly pure and perfect spheres of the Egyptians. Ironically, they could not have used one properly even if they had it, since being Europeans, as they were inadequately supplied with dermal melanin, the crucial material that the psi-crystal couples to.

Our unspiritual age must sink even deeper into its sorrows before the technologies of the mind will reappear, with the wisdom to use them properly this time. While Hunter and Sertima will undoubtedly attract ridicule from the scientific Establishment, even their flawed ideas prepare The Path. Woe to those scientists so-called that refuse to See.

Tamerlane A. Edvardssonn is a longtime researcher into the spiritual sciences, specializing in UFOs and the Interians. He currently lacks a material body, and is channeled by Taner Edis, who passes on his wisdom to the SKEPTIC e-mail discussion group. Thanks to Bernard Ortiz de Montellano for the information on Hunter and Sertima.

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