Taner Edis

Choice, February 2003

The Ghost in the Universe: God in light of modern science

In recent years a small industry has developed that is devoted to churning out papers, books, and conferences on the topic of science and religion. A number of theologians, taken by the big bang theory of the origin of the universe, have begun reading pop science. Armed with half-truths and misunderstandings, they have attempted to argue that, since the universe had a beginning, it must have had a creator. At long last, here is a book on this topic worth reading. Edis (Truman State Univ.) is a physicist who knows his science. Well versed in Christian and Islamic scripture and thought, Edis is particularly cogent in his discussion of both biological and cosmological evolution, which when properly understood, does great damage to “design” arguments. Edis the scientist weighs in on other topics as well: the contextual study of scripture, the psychological and perceptual nature of mystery and miracle, the brain chemistry of consciousness and revelation, reason and faith, and the biological roots of morality. Well written and amply documented, Edis’s book should be read by anyone who has even the remotest interest in science, religion, or both. Highly recommended for all libraries.

W. F. Desmond, Black Hawk College

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