Taner Edis

Cretaceous Intelligence

by Tamerlane A. Edvardssonn

The most intelligent dinosaurs lived in the late Cretaceous, close to the K-T boundary, about 65 million years ago. Small (by dinosaur standards) predators such as Troodons.

Less known are their relatives that lived exactly at the K-T boundary, for about 100,000 years only. Over much of this time period they were a species of very limited population, living in arid environments which were not conducive to fossilization. Cremation of their dead developed very early in their civilization, so that fossil remains were virtually impossible to result in their population explosion phase (Some very small minority religious groups are reported which practiced exposure of the dead body, but burial is unknown, and would be universally thought of as disgusting).

Their technology was very much alien to ours, so that we do not recognize artifacts when we do in fact find them. Furthermore, their technology was biologically oriented, so that they grew tools and devices instead of building them like us. Even the hard, durable parts of their machines were overwhelmingly biodegraded within the course of a few generations. The cultural ramifications of such implicit obsolescence in technology is fascinating, but the data obtained by psychic time travel is too sparse to be able to support robust interpretations.

The most prominent item of evidence for this intelligent dinosaurian species is the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous. As we are currently observing, with the effect of humans on the biosphere, intelligent technological species quickly enter an exponential growth curve, which quickly leads to decimation of other life on the planet. This was the cause of the broad-based extinction we see, which cannot be accounted for on the basis of a meteorite impact alone (there is some unconfirmed data that indicates that the iridium at the K-T boundary is the result of a catastrophic nuclear experiment in what is now Yucatan, not a meteorite impact).

Whether on account of ecological disaster or this compounded with nuclear catastrophe, the intelligent species themselves nearly died out. There one serious possibility for remnants of their race. The Interians almost certainly incorporate some genetical affinity to them, probably through what was recovered from long-term subterranean hibernation projects. An alternative is that the Interians are in fact the descendants of dinosaurs, since it is probable that the dinosaurian species were aware of the hollow nature of the Earth. Psychic interference makes investigating the history here difficult, so that the data obtained through UFO abductions becomes of paramount importance.

Tamerlane A. Edvardssonn is a longtime researcher into the spiritual sciences, specializing in UFOs and the Interians. He currently lacks a material body, and is channeled by Taner Edis, who passes on his wisdom to the SKEPTIC e-mail discussion group. Thanks to Bernard Ortiz de Montellano for the information on Hunter and Sertima.

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