Taner Edis

Morris D. Forkosch Book Award

The Ghost in the Universe received the Forkosch award from The Council for Secular Humanism, being named “outstanding secular humanist book of the year” for 2002.

Past awardees include:

  • 1988: Arthur J. Strahler (geologist).
  • 1989: Sidney Hook (philosopher).
  • 1990: Stephen Jay Gould (biologist).
  • 1991: Steve Allen (entertainer).
  • 1994: Antony Flew (philosopher).
  • 1997: Ibn Warraq (scholar of Islam).
  • 1998: Kurt Baier (philosopher).
  • 1999: Richard Dawkins (biologist).
  • 2001: E.O. Wilson (biologist).

Note and photo from Truman Today.

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