Taner Edis

Table of Contents for The Ghost in the Universe

  Does God Exist?
   Sophisticated Gods
   A Road Map
1. Making Sense of God
   Something for Nothing
   A Necessary Being?
   The Impossible God
   A Religious Theory
   The Great Programmer
   Is God a Philosophical Problem?
2. Let There be Life
   Specially Created
   Resisting Evolution
   Bringing Back the Designer
   Order from Chaos
   Darwin in Mind
   God After Darwin
3. The Gods of Modern Physics
   Physics in the New Age
   Egocentric Cosmology
   The Big Banger
   A Quantum Spirit
   Life, The Universe, and Everything
   An Unnecessary Hypothesis
4. History and Holy Writ
   Special Revelation
   Yahweh’s Promise
   The Messenger of God
   God’s Empires
   The Meanings of History
   The End of Revelation
5. God Incarnate
   In Search of Jesus
   An Apocalyptic Prophet
   A Miracle-Worker
   The Risen Lord
   The Bad News
6. Signs and Wonders
   Wondrous Phenomena
   A Spiritual Science
   Great Performances
   Statistical Miracles
   Soaring Spirits
   Thinking Meat
7. Of Mystics and Machines
   Feeling the Spirit
   Thirty-one Flavors of Ultimate Reality
   Beyond the Brain?
   The Limits of Language
   Holy Reason
   Accidental Reason
8. Leaps of Faith
   Exorcizing Doubt
   Reason Reformed
   Progress? What Progress?
   Round in Circles
   The Sun Also Rises
   Universal Reason
9. The Knowledge of Good and Evil
   Moral Certainty
   High Weirdness by Theology
   The Morality of a Social Animal
   Talking Morals
   Believing the Absurd
   Beyond Pragmatism
  The God of Song and Story
   Divine Falsehoods
   New Stories

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