Taner Edis

Table of Contents for Why Intelligent Design Fails




Chapter 1. Grand Themes, Narrow Constituency

Chapter 2. Grand Designs and Facile Analogies

Chapter 3. Common Descent

Chapter 4. Darwin’s Transparent Box

Chapter 5. Evolutionary Paths to Irreducible Systems

Chapter 6. Evolution of the Bacterial Flagellum

Chapter 7. Self-Organization and the Origin of Complexity

Chapter 8. The Explanatory Filter, Archaeology, and Forensics

Chapter 9. Playing Games with Probability

Chapter 10. Chance and Necessity—and Intelligent Design?

Chapter 11. There Is a Free Lunch After All

Chapter 12. Is the Universe Fine-Tuned for Us?

Chapter 13. Is Intelligent Design Science?

Appendix 1. List of Organizations

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