Taner Edis

The Dark Secret of Physics

by Tamerlane A. Edvardssonn

No one can help but notice the conflict between the fundamental physical pictures of the world brought to us by orthodox materialist science, on one hand, and the post-modern sciences on the other. According to the Establishment, we are assemblages of so-called fundamental particles, behaving blindly in a reductionistic universe. In contrast, alternative science brings us a holistic world, with many tiers of reality culminating in an all-pervading Consciousness.

The orthodox view is sustained by raw power, and obfuscating mathematical jargon. But a simple engineering perspective is adequate to expose the pretensions of the high priests of particle physics. We are too easily blinded by the dazzling theory they present us with, while we should be asking for the experimental evidence. Sure, we’re shown what are alleged to be brilliant confirmations of their Unifications and their Standard Models. But do we think to look beyond the pretty graphs and question how this data was obtained?

Few outside the priesthood know what goes on underground in the vast accelerators which supposedly give us the data. So we ignore the mind-boggling complexity of the enterprise. But once you descend into the tunnels and examine the experiments, the scale is shocking. Not only are there complex photomultiplier tubes, but arrays of thousands upon thousands. Layer upon layer of sophisticated detection equipment. Incredibly fast reaction times. Millions of lines of sophisticated computer code which drive the whole system. Uncounted miles of wire. But we should not be impressed! For how can such a complicated, intricately interdependent system work at all? Any halfwit engineer would tell you there are bound to be problems.

By Shaffmacher’s Law,[1] there is a limit on the reliable operations of complex mechanical systems. The error rate grows exponentially with system complexity, so that the output of mechanisms asymptotically approaches sheer randomness with increasing complexity. Careful construction reduces error, but only by modifying the coefficient of the exponential, and that with great difficulty. (Note that the same law can be used to show that Artificial Intelligence is impossible,[2] hence a non-mechanical spiritual principle must underlay human intelligence.)

Both theoretical considerations, and simulation studies under way in the Institute of Higher Noetics[3] indicate that the complexity barrier was probably passed with the earlier cyclotrons, far before experiments of present complexity could be contemplated. Accordingly, only random results should have been produced by these investigations. Why has this not been reported?

There are excellent reasons to suspect a cover-up. Billions of dollars have been poured by the Establishment into orthodox particle physics; a total failure would be a cataclysm way beyond professional embarrassment. Furthermore, such is the confidence of mainstream science in their reductionistic methods that they cannot conceive of gross failure of their models. So they report fake data, fully expecting it to be basically correct, and remediable when the minor glitches in equipment which they think have them stalled are overcome.

Reports confirming this conspiracy have existed for a while, though of course never accessible by normal channels of information. Most recently, a defector from CERN (who has officially been declared insane in order to discredit him) has exposed some of the cover-up, revealing information which corresponds very well to data gathered from previous remote-viewing studies.[4]

Normally such a conspiracy would seem to stretch credulity, but recall some peculiar features of particle physics research which makes such manipulation almost trivial. The common paper these days has hundreds of coauthors, each contributing to a narrow aspect of the total experiment. Those who are able to have a global view of the project are only those few leaders who operate more like corporate CEOs than scientists in managing such huge enterprises. They are the ones best able to falsify the results, and also those who would benefit most from such actions. They are also of the class of society who benefits directly from a mechanistic worldview denying human spirit and dignity.

The most important action you can take is to expose this cover-up. Spread the word first to fellow investigators in the post-modern sciences. But the world at large must be reached, however difficult their closed mind-sets make the task. Slavery is never pleasurable, and too often getting numb is the only escape.


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Tamerlane A. Edvardssonn is a longtime researcher into the spiritual sciences, specializing in UFOs and the Interians. He currently lacks a material body, and is channeled by Taner Edis, who passes on his wisdom to the SKEPTIC e-mail discussion group.

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