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by DR. Tamerlane A. Edvardssonn
J.A. Hildeschmit Fellow
Institute For Human Advansement
5666 Aegis Drive, Baltimore MD 21218

It will not have escaped the attention of any ASTUTE obsever of the state of our so-called science that this hide-bind ORTHODOXY has no intention of recognizing UFOs as real, and worthy of study. THis in spite of the IRREFUTABL FACT that they are real, and worthy of study@!!! It is only with carefull reaserch, that does not DESEND to the vile depths of blind dismission so common and TYPICAL of orthidox so-called science that we can LEARN. When we do let go of our blinders and see through them clearly, we will see connections also to FREE ENERGY, another idea that has been continuously SUPPRESSED.

It is irrefutabEl that any true PROGRESS in advancement comes into being by carefull excersize of OPEN-MINDEDNESS. WE must RESCUE the public from the DOGMATISM passing itself off as science, which is beholden to MONEY INTERESTs and dogmatically preserving its territory, and build the new TRUE SIENCE anew. As my esteemed collegue Schaffrankle has said so elloquently recentIy, the KEY is to examine the esteamed work of researchers IGNORED by a blind ESTABLISHMENT that clings desperately to outmoded ideas.

As we will inevitably be smeared by the keepers of orthodoxy as doing so, it is best to say outright that NO ALIENS are involvod with UFOs!! THat is another story altogether. THe craft are not from other planets, but THE EARTH. Ww will not be tarred by the brusch of military conspiracies— for they are NOT of the SURFACE of the earth, at least not the earth the new priesthood has taught in your scools!

John C. Symmes’s BRILLIANT discovery of a HOLLOW EARTH has always been met with ridicule, since honest evidence cannot be produced to discretit this IRREFUTABLE truth. THe Nazi “Holtweltlehre” is brought up to associate this TrUTH with Nazi horror. The same SCEPTICS normally call this an ad hominem attack — because an idea can’t be refuted by the character of its owners! Do the same sceptics also ask themselves how a weak Germany nearly conqered the WORLD? Do they realize that only by a BETRAYAL of their ADVANCED TECKNOLOGY to the Americans that they fell? Do they see that that too was PLANNED?!?

The TRUTH is: UFO’s are directed from their center in Jerusalem, and are terrible war/mind control machines! Our critics will now smear us by calling this a anti-Semitic Jewish Conspiracy Theory — but the truth they do not DARE speak, if indeed they can comprehend it AT ALL!! The TRUTH is: UFO’s are controled by Israelis, but Israeli’s are really ARABS!!! The Nazi’s killed ALL Jews ouside of America, and the ones there were hipnotized into believing that a new Israel was created. Their relatives they think are there are false memory syndromes. This is but one of the most INSIGNIFICANT reasons the IInd World war was PLANNED!

The Arabs of Israel were selected for a BREEDING EXPERIMENT in order to save the dying race of HOLLOW-EARTHERs, THe Interians. THey destroyed the interior in a NUCLEAR WAR in 1808, and have been accelearting TECHOLOGY on the surface to prepare for their emergence since. Do our orthodox scientist ever WONDER why we have had so many new dreadful weapons and wars since? The last remnant engineeered the Arabs who now populate Israel to receive their SUPERIOR GENES!! This information will NoT be found in CORPORATE MEDIA, or the organs of UNTRUTH of the the SOCIALIST US Government. Do you not suspect that musch of what you hear are LIES???

Though the Isareli Arabs (the NEW Interians) are the repository of the Hollow Earth GENES, It not an accident that mid-eastern OIL is under Arab control– for they too are ruled by a class that carries the SAME genetic material. And so world ENERGY is dominated by the nuclear energy that made the interior uninhabitable (and indoctrinated scientists measure the heat and are DELUDED to think that this is from a molten core– FOOLS!!), and OIL, which is close only to the outer surface of our unhappy planet.

ENERGY means POWER!!! It is thus because that the HOLLOW EARTH Interian survivors and their henchmen of WORLD GOVERNMENT in the Trilateral Commission hold on to power. UFOs are– among other things– a tool of this DOMINANCE. They monitor us in order to keep us from finding FREE ENERGY!!!! Most of those who were close to the SECRET were abducted by UFO’s and brainwashed to forget! They also abduct innocents, just to confuse dedicated researchers with the sheer numbers.

The story of FREE ENERGY is a long one of suppression and false positives. Unfortunately, prepetual motion CRANKS dominate the field, subjecting it all to ridicule, and making it difficult to separate the precious diamond of the SIGNAL from the crackpot mud of NOISE. It is the curse of all FRONTIER SCIENCE to be plagued with frauds and fools, some of them who are PLANTED by money interests to EXCUSE dismission of the whole science. In fact, OIL companys even suppress fake inventions in order to create paranoia in the research community and then BLAME them for being paranoicd!!!

But among all the nonsense produced, there is one SUCCESS. The prime intellectual achievemint of the SURFACE RACES, and the only hope for escape from HOLLOW EARTH dominance: the enigmatic invention known as the FOURTH WATER WHEEL. It has been around since ancient times, though even now it is being further developed to reach it’s FULL sophisticasion.

Blind conventional histories of tecknology talk only about THREE water wheels; whether they have intentionally forgotton or not is too difficult to entangle. But reports exist setting the FOURTH as far BACK as ANCIENT EGYPT, where it was used by mistery PRIESTS. The Pheonicien traveller Shafrankius (a name that has been ERASED from most records) reports:

The [source] of all the transmutations [magic described in a previous chapeter] was shown to me by a young priest, who then suddenly disappeared before I was forced to flee. . . In the deepest part of the Temple was a well, attached to a small hydro-wheel, that glowed a faint purple. It was translucent, with divers spines. . .[the following text has gaps resulting from a fire in 1677]

The SECRET coded diaries of THeophrastus Paracelsus, famous OCCULTIST and ALCHEMIST, now guarded in the Institut Der Humanismus in Dresden, has hints that the good docktor had use of a similar water wheel. Professor Karl-Heinz Schrankmacher of Tuebingen disagrees with the theory that IT was the source of ALL of Paracelsus’ POWERS, yet states:

There is NO doubt Paracelcus had a passed-down VWR [4th W. Wh, from the German] with which he powered his experiments. THere is reason to credit him with the invention of the quarter-side stabilizer, though it was to await further refinement by. . .

While this knowledge has been SUPRESSED whenever it has threatened to surface, there are FIVE locations over the world (which we CANNOT divulge for safety reasons) which have working miniture PROTOTYPiES. These wheels are so powerful that we do NOT know the depths of their principles. In 1956 Edgar Rosenschraff showed that the low-level operation was based on the separation of O and H in water, but G.A. Schriner demonstrated that this COULD NOT account for all of even this rudimentary operation. But even if the ORTHODOXY would dogmatically refuse to investigate if it were brought to their attention, we can confidently speak of REVOLUTIONARY changes in PHYSICS. The Theory may not be there YET, but the ancient wisdom WORKS– and can be IMPROVED!!!!

The history of the Fourth Water Wheel is complex, even when known. But the repeated near-extincsion of this KNOWLEDGE in the past suggests that the hollow-earth interior people KNEW, and tried to stop it. H.H. Sharanifkov of Tashkent has developed a thesis that since they COULD NOT have known before the 19th century, the plots and asasination attempts MUST be the result of the Interians travelling BACKWARD IN TIME through a WORMHOLE, a concept that even mainstream science is belatingly starting to reconize. But it will be unwise to rely on a controversial hypothesis still under peer review.

Though the UFO–FREE ENERGY link is astounding enough as is. But recently a SYNERGISTIC research methodology has uncovered a different strand of the UFO mystery. According to a Argentinian team who wish to remain anonymus to the general public, UFO’s are not only instruments of CONTROL of HUMANS, but also serve a defensive purpuse against a race based on VENUS!

It appears that the TRUTH, as usual, is not balck-and-white, as the servants of orthodixy would have it. If we were to OVERTHROW our UFO-Interian oppressors tomorrow, the Earth itself would be DEFENSELESS against the Venusian INsect-Creatures. We MUST develop our TRUE SCIENCE, based on ancient wisdom, to the level where we can dispose of BOTH Interians and Venusians!!!

To also correct a misunderstanding that even reputable researchers have recently been misled by: The FACE ON MARS does not exist! The reason no pictures were returned because of a CONVENIENT malfunction is of course SUSPICIOUS. But what they’re covering up is that no PLanet Mars EXISTS! At least not anymore . It was utterly destroyed 78 years ago, while being use as a SPACE BATTLEGROUND between Venusians and Interians! All the Mars data in these past 78 years have been FAKED. The so-called MARS FACE is just the SIGNATURE of the JPL image-artist that created Mars-pictures for public consumpsion. It is now too DIFFICULT to keep producing consistent high resolution fakes, so they faked a malfunction.

UFO’s have been observed by many cultures, all through HISTORY. Denial of their EXISTENCE is incomprehensible unless as an attempt to PACIFY the population. But they have been an insolvable PUZZLE until now, with only hints of the LARGER PICTURE, the phenomenom as a whole, being there. Recently, researchers from around the habitable outside of the globe have made BREAKTHROUGHS. The curtain of secrecy is UNRAVELING!!

Our TRUE researchers, who take OPEN-MINDEDNESS as not just a pretty slogan, are linked primarily by electronic mail, a tool that has been allowed us that may yet PROVE to be TOO DANGEROUS to our Rulers. The TRUTH can now be set FREE, though there will be desparate rearguard actions to brand it CRANKERY. But even this can serve OUR purpose. The Interians are spread too thin. They cannot deal with every seemingly crackpot Conspiracy scenario. It is in only wat THEY call weird that any hope exits. It IS your only hope– we have not even told you about THEIR FINAL PLAN…

We ENCOURAGE Un-Altered forwarding of this preshious INFORMATION through the NET. Direct Qurestions to whatever forum you see this in– we CAnNOT DISCLOSE our true location: This is a VIOLENT World!!!

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