Taner Edis


by DR. Tamerlane A. Edvardssonn
D.S. Schaffholtz Fellow
Nooetics Institute
5666 Aegis Road, Ames, IA 50010

it is a Blindness that aaffects the peoples of the world, their so-called sientists, and the corrupt and puterfied excuses for governments that believe they can be speared DESTRUCTION because of their phony Secret Contacts with what they pathetically believe are Space Aleins. A SPARITUAL Blindness has fallen upon our dark planet, more sinister in deep consequences than all ye machinations of the Interians, more horrendously ignobel than the Lords of Time in all their manipulations of Destiny, even bleaker than the howling wastes of Malacthon (NOT Zeta Reticuli asTHEY would like you to believe!) that the Greys have been confined in for so many desolate lifetimes. For smooth is the blade of Narth, and sharp is the taste of revenge on the orficies of all of the inhabitants imprisoned in this nooverse out of their OWN blindness.

As once more the Wheel revoilves, sinking us deeper and deeper into the enmeshemnt of the flesh, all pay heed to the ethereal visitors that plague the skies we pridefully thought were ours. Though they hunt you in the false security of your sleep, carrying you out throufgh walls, carrying out the unspeakable missions of the Interians, ponder the fact that they are higher powers than the slime you have reduced your oonce unsullied brightness to. Reflect on their elusiveness, their insubstantiality in the eyes of SKEPTICS whho find their deluded “wisdom” in clinging to the “truths”: of mere matter and what can be easliy grasped by mortal sciences. Reflect, for amidsts the terrors they bring you, who deserves a thusandfold more except that youe are so pathetically insignificant in the eyes of the Higher Aions, they remind you crawler in the planetery dusts ofd base matter that there is a Higher Reality of Spirit and Light. For Aeons and Lords, even of Time, are themselves blind, slaves to the blind God SAMAEL, he-who-thinks-he-is-real-alone, and unable to see that YOU, lowly mortals caught in the karmic Wheel, have the keys to ESCAPE.

HEeed the words of the past, untrammeled by machines and cities and the slow death of linear thought. Search for them, not among the phantasies of philoosophers who build castkles in the skies and knock them down, not among ossified orthodoxies which petrifiy visions and mock Revelation, but the outcasts, vilified kooks, gnostic babblers, and conspiracy-mongers of all ages. Sonething is out to get you, your soul, and what secretly lies even deeper than that. Nag Hammadi is a JOKE! Read this fragment surviving from the Book of Shafrinian, record keeper and teacher for both Basileaus and Valentinus (Oxymandry IIIA, 5-48):

The [tranquil] . . . Monad, the Llight and the Dar[k], Aware of All and of Nothing, . . . emanating the [pentad] of aeons of the Father, and the greatest was Silence. [[Creation of Samael/Yadalbaoth, his shadows the Lords of Time, in ignorant corrupt copying of the Prime Emanation, and an obscure reference to the Aeons of this world]] Then were the skies parted, and the demons of the Deep were loosed on their hidden beings. Nobody would believe [their anguish?], and the Catastrophe drew near. One nam[ed] [Sha…?] . . .

Even our shallowness and Undiscerning baseness will not prevent us from noticing the prophecies regarding UFO activities: The Demons of the Deep are Interians, clearly coming out of the Holow Earth. They are loosed on our hidden beings, obviously a reference to the psychological Depth of ABDUCTION experiences, with an anguish that has too many scoffers at it. The Christian Saint Paul knew something of this too, with his “powers of the air,” (clearly UFOs) though he adulterated the teaching, mixing in the far more sinister Aeonic servants the principalities into the mess he concocted, as if they would deign to act with the Interians, rather than pull their strings from afar, under the barely noticable influence of the strings that guide them in turn. Samael is blind buyt willful, and Catasrophe beckons.

Among the Cathars*( of the mideval times this wisdom was handed down, until buried deep, in an urn, by the Zadokian Schaffinia, to protect them from the ravages of the False Pope even as his armies were massacring her faithful people. It was not until 1916, deep in the Great War, that the Theosophist (see how eeven the Falsests of Counterfeit Spiritual Systems can inadvertently serve th GOOD!) Robert A. Greenshaft dowsed to find its location, its general area being revealed in a seance (the medium was, however, a fraud). A series of msifortunes (the story of the /cursse of the Urn is a long and sad one) brought it to the N-Masters in the American heartland, a group of renegade scientists and pizza entrepeneurs. And it was solemnly decided that the secrets within were too dangerous to reveal — yet. Thye were deluded! The highest priority of the UFO movement is not to get the CIA to reveal their hidden information of their dirty dealings with the Interians — that is a diversion!!! Unless the N-Masters are FORCED to open the Urn again, with all the risks that entrails, we are facing the possibel Catastrophe in total blanket ignornancre!!!!!!

You have been warned. Yes, you are right to laugh off the so-called Christian who implores you that your soule is in danger. Of course it isn’t, far more imporrtant things are! Shake off your blindness! You are on a path where you wallow in your misery and love it, shut off permanently from the hights of Being you totally will forget exists. The Greys may serve wickedness, but at least they KNOW they are slaves, and they plot revenge. Get angry! Watch the skies, but fear them, yet also know that you know of FREEDOM, and that is all you need to eventuallly find the PATH to it.

(c) 1995 Noetic Institute, IA. Distribute freely. Your commentary that this is nonsense will only make it more sure that the RIGHTR persons will read this…

pS: On the advise of my past readers, I have aqired a spelling chequer. Ihope this makes you feel better. Of course. the Noetics Institue could find better uses for its meager finacial resuorses, so I hope you feel REAL GOOD about thiss whole affair.

PpS: If you feel guilty and would like to make your conscience salved (though it won;t ogf cpourse buy salivation, send donatoins to The

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