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Why is the US Military Budget So Large?

by Tamerlane A. Edvardssonn

The corruption of Washington is common wisdom these days. But there is one part of the budget which manages to escape scrutiny, time after time. The US military consistently gets even more than it asks for, even though it seems to be closing bases, and reducing troops and equipment. Where does all the money go?

Part of the answer we are led to believe in is pork-barrel politics: $600 toilet seats, unnecessary bombers built in districts of powerful Congressmen. But when examined closely, this does not add up. Another reason is then brought up: the need to be able to fight two fair-sized wars simultaneously and win by overwhelming force. But a moments reflection will tell us this scenario is pure insanity, and that devoting so many resources to imaginary threats cannot be good for the economic and social health of the United States. We are in politically cynical times, where the public is all too ready to believe the government has gone mad. The truth, however, may show a hidden pattern — and a frightening one.

The key to this puzzle lies with the work of the Institute of Higher Noetics, dedicated to research on areas neglected by conventional materialist science. While small and always short of funds, IHN (“the `I’,” as we affectionately refer to it) has had a major impact on the post-modern sciences—those fields of cutting-edge inquiry which risk the scorn of Establishment scientists and so-called “skeptics.” To cite just two examples, IHN pioneered the Synthetic Theory of UFOs, and synergistic remote-viewing. The Synthetic Theory is based on a meta-analysis of past UFO theories; its most significant result is that the overwhelming majority of UFOs originate from the earth, indeed, that “Interians” rather than “greys” or other fanciful constructions are responsible for almost all phenomena, including abductions.[1] Synergistic remote-viewing is a major advance in psi methodology, using teams of viewers linked together via electrodes attached to their right brain-hemispheres. This process leads to a much higher accuracy than the only marginally significant results characteristic of parapsychology.[2]

The serendipitous combination of precisely these two areas of pioneering research led to a new understanding of the US military budget. As we shall see, our bloated Pentagon is the result not of insanity, but cold rational calculation. The breakthrough came about because of research initiated in 1992. One of IHN’s most astute remote viewers had disappeared, after being visited by Men in Black.[3] This led to IHN’s formulating a research program to reduce its dependence on rare gifted viewers. The Historical Division provided the necessary lead, by locating a 9th Century Arabic translation, reputedly of the grimoire of the renowned Babylonian Hermetic, Eushius. This discovery in a musty Antioch “sahaf” allowed IHN, after an extensive error-correcting process, to construct a functional analogue of the Helmet of Oinish, lost when Eushius was destroyed by a Damascan mob in 433.

With a working prototype of what is essentially a psychic field-amplifier, the IHN staff decided to retrace the research interrupted in 1992 by the MIB. The “disappeared” viewer was investigating the correlation between UFOlogically significant events and certain arcana of the US budget process. The field-amplifier then helped put a pattern in place, and gather further evidence. The results were astounding, suggesting a deeper involvement of the US government with UFOs than ever before suspected. Keeping in mind that these are only preliminary, some of the recent IHN findings are:

  • Roswell was faked by the US military for the express purpose of discrediting independent UFO inquiry. The debris really was from project Mogul, however, real alien bodies were also planted so as to be “recovered.” There was always just enough evidence to lead UFOlogists on, but the end result of the set-up was to make them look foolish.
  • The human sexual and genetic experiments which take place in UFO abductions have the purpose of creating a superior warrior race for the Interians. Humans have shown an impressive ability for slaughter in their natural state; they may be moulded into a very effective army. It has long been suspected that the Interians within our planet are actually a renegade faction,[4] so it is easy to guess what this army will be used for.
  • John Mack is a government agent with MIB ties. His interview process contaminates the abduction recall, though it cannot mask the traumatic fact of abduction. He introduces spiritual and ecological themes to the experience, with the result that the abductees sound like they’ve spent too much time in California. Mack’s purpose is to stall UFOlogy, or at least lead it down an optimistic blind alley.

But let us get back to our original question, about the military budget. A most significant pattern was that most of the “missing money” flows, through covert channels, to Antarctica. Huge bases have been built, with truly awesome offensive capabilities (nuclear bombs are only one doomsday weapon the public knows about, due to the inconvenience of World War II). These mostly surround the Gap which opens up to the Interior. The function of these bases and arsenals can be only speculated about, but we can come up with some good guesses. The alliance between the Interians and the human and semi-human ruling classes is inherently unstable. The human side of the partnership serve the Interians, but would like to improve their bargaining position. Furthermore, if the humans and their Interian overlords fall into a thieves’ quarrel, the Antarctic bases are in a position to extract a terrible price on the Interian craft emerging from the Gap.

Only one thing is clear. This planet is involved in intrigues which make Byzantine politics look like child’s play. Going all the way up to the Lords of Time, the potential for multiple-level double-crossing is simply mind-boggling. There is hope for humanity, however, in the very Spirit that the Powers need and enslave us for. The IHN, and a handful of sister institutions around the globe, work to sustain the coherent fields which liberate our minds. Our greatest protection, ironically, is the contempt with which the Establishment treats post-modern science. We invite you to support us, so we can sustain our research under the cover of ridicule.

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Tamerlane A. Edvardssonn is a longtime researcher into the spiritual sciences, specializing in UFOs and the Interians. He currently lacks a material body, and is channeled by Taner Edis, who passes on his wisdom to the SKEPTIC e-mail discussion group.

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